Tuesday 28 February, 2012

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires You To Never Limit Your Life.

Business Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

Never Limit Your Life By Living Beyond Your Self Perceived Limits.

Never Limit Your Life. This is the motto and mantra of motivational business speaker, foster care expert and child welfare advocate  Derek Clark. Derek, a former foster child and at-risk youth who went from victim to victor is a successful entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. As the author of Never Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series, his true life trials and triumphs have inspired thousands to push themselves beyond their self imposed limitations.

Professional success always begins with personal outlook. With the right attitude, adversity is the spur to enrich the future of any enterprise. Hope and productivity are not only contagious, but the keys to higher productivity. In Derek’s Never Limit Your Life keynote reveals the secrets behind his professional and personal success. He will share how he found the confidence and courage to overcome adversity, have no fear, and realize limits only exist in the mind. By cultivating drive, focus, and the courage to take action, employees will find their professional and personal lives opening up to new promise and fresh opportunities.

I love how Walt Disney responded to some people who said, “Think outside the box.” He replied, “No! Don’t think outside the box! Once you say that, you’ve established that there is a box.” Walt Disney never acknowledged limits to the imagination, and he turned his fantasies into an inspiring reality. If you can dream it, you can do it. An active imagination is the key to happiness.

If we were all curious and inventive like a child, eager to explore the realms of our mind and act upon the magic we find there, the world would be a lot better place. It would be a lot more fun too. Imagination is in essential in so many different ways, it’s hard to overemphasize how important it is. From inventions to problem-solving, to inspiring faith and putting a smile on a sad person’s face, imaginative vision is one of our greatest assets as human beings.

Imagination is a potent force. And when mixed with courageous action, it can change the world. When I want to be mindful of imagination’s immense potential, I don’t have to go far. All I do is look at the everyday objects surrounding me. It’s easy to take commonplace items for granted—they’re easy to come by and we see them all the time. But remember, at one time literally none of the useful things around us existed. They could hardly even be dreamt of.

Tap into your unlimited potential! Never Limit Your Life!

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