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Inspirational Foster Care Expert Derek Clark On The Ricki Lake Show

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark

Foster Care and Adoption Training, Child Welfare Workers and Teacher Education Training – Derek Clark’s Programs Inspire, Motivate and Educate You To Find The Strength To Never Give Up On That Child!

Executive Training Summary
“If You Believe, They Will Achieve”
Derek Clark
Instructor: Derek Clark (raised by foster parents that were both teachers)

Derek Clark’s story is one of resilience and redemption. Derek spent 13 years in the
foster care system. Before entering foster care, Derek suffered unthinkable child abuse,
abandonment and emotional distress, Derek knows first hand on how to cope with
adversity and overcoming hardship. His past reflects a life of humiliation, aggression,
emotional distress and overwhelming anxiety. He has experienced the life of fear and
rejection and much more. Derek suffered atrocious abuse from his biological parents,
endured endless grief and narrowly graduated from high school with a 1.8 grade point
average. Despite years of rage and fractured relationships, Derek grew up to become a
successful businessman, motivational speaker and is highly committed to his wife and
four children.

At five years old Derek’s mother and stepfather turned him over to the county
social services but kept his brother and sister. Derek felt as if he had been deleted from
his family. His father was in prison for the criminally insane. Psychiatric reports stated
that at the age of five years old, Derek had severe behavioral problems and fascinations
of extreme violence and death. Neurological reports stated that at six years old, he had
the IQ of a two and a half year old and diagnosed him with erratic psychosis. Having also
been misdiagnosed as mentally handicapped and having numerous emotional and
language difficulties, Derek never gave up. With the help of his foster parents and
mentors, he has defied the artificial limitations imposed upon him. This has never held
Derek back from accomplishing what he set his heart and mind to. From owning a very
successful corporation to having a family, his maxim is to make no excuses.

Derek Clark is an inspiring speaker/trainer, singer/songwriter and the author of Never
Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series. Derek has over 100 tracks on
iTunes. His true-life trials and personal triumphs have inspired organizations throughout
the United States and Canada with his powerful message of hope and unwavering
perseverance. He recently delivered the keynotes for the International Foster Care
Organization conference (child welfare delegates from over 20 countries), the National
Foster Parent Association conference, Federal Dept. of Labor National Bureau of Prisons
conference and many child welfare conferences.

Summary of Derek Clark’s Uniquely Uplifting Workshop:

Derek Clark offers professionals involved with kids in the foster care system hope,
stamina and the courage to improve ‘the system’. Derek trains and inspires professionals
with this purpose; to make sure that each child feels important, to help them to reclaim
their dignity, to feel secure, and to know that their past does not have to infect their
future. Derek’s inspiring presentations are sure to touch the heart of every foster parent
and child welfare professional.

When Derek speaks, it is from his passionate soul. He brings along his guitar to sing the
journals of his life. He believes that music is one of the purest ways to touch and
communicate with the hearts of the audience. His audience will be ignited with passion
and have the courage to take action and fight their fears. He will inspire and teach you to
push yourself beyond your perceived limits. The story of Derek’s life is truly amazing.
Even against unbelievable odds, Derek never gave up. Derek’s presentations have an
informative message of hope and perseverance. His mission is to help others find
strength and solutions for their own lives.

Outline of Workshop:

· You Cannot Think Negative About a Child and Expect a Positive Outcome
· If You Will Believe, The Child/Youth Will Achieve!
· How To Build Trust, When They Won’t Trust
· How To Inspire Youth to Find the Strength to Overcome Adversity
· How To Plant Seeds of Courage In a Child’s Mind
· Why a Foster Child or a Troubled Youth Needs YOU To Believe In Them
· How Having Hope Activates Life For Those In Despair
· The Worth of a Soul and How To Find The Leader Within
· How Words and Labels Kill The Spirit of a Child
· How To Help The Child Discover The Will To Survive and Thrive Despite a Painful Past

Outline of Training:

This workshop is designed to implement positive change by presenting startling facts
based on Derek’s personal experience from surviving severe child abuse and being
misdiagnosed mentally handicapped throughout the first 8 years of his life. He has
survived rejection. He has felt his mothers “conditional love” as she dropped him off at
the County Shelter but kept his brother and sister. Derek takes you down his road of hate,
anger, mistrust in adults, violent tendencies, rejection, lack of love, child abuse and the
memories that haunted his life. He believes that by changing the way you look at a child
or youth, you can significantly impact their life. Your actions will speak louder than your

He teaches on the subject matter, “You cannot think negative thoughts about a child and
expect them to live a positive life.” He teaches you how to commit and build upon your
strengths when encouraging youth to have hope. He also teaches you how to overcome
negative thinking towards a specific Foster Child or Troubled Youth. The Leaders need
to know that they do make a difference if they put their heart into it.

Derek takes you on a journey through his life. His inspiring event is a collection of
thoughts, case histories, poems, journal entries and hard lessons that he has learned. He
sings his songs of vulnerability and triumph as a way to connect with the audience’s
heart. He believes that the purest way to touch a person is not only speaking to them but
also singing to their soul so that the heart empowers the mind. Many of the lyrics to his
songs were written in his darkest and loneliest hours as his past caught up to him as an
adult. These songs are his reactions to the struggles life has thrown at him. By setting the
good example of personal strength and by having courageous and insightful thoughts,
you and your foster child will prevail.


This Workshop is intended to provide knowledge, inspiration and personal development
for the following:
· Child Welfare Workers and Administrators
· Social Workers
· Foster Parents/Adoptive Parents
· Foster Children and Youth
· CASA Volunteers and Staff
· Family Court Personnel
· Group Home Staff
· Residential Treatment Center Staff
· Mental Health Professionals
· Teachers
· Youth Development Staff

Ways that Supervisors can support the Transfer of Learning:

Before The Training:

1. Overwhelmed and not enough Belief in their abilities
2. Have lost hope and the energy to continue to have optimism
3. Feeling that they are not making a difference or connecting
4. At a loss on how to overcoming the child’s obstacles
5. Want to give up

After The Training:

1. Will be inspired and re-energized to have hope again as they will
see where Derek came from to where he is now in life.
2. They will have examples of what a difference they can make in
their child/youth and connect with them.
3. Their box of obstacles will have been broken down. They will
see the child as an individual that has a bright future.
4. They will be rejuvenated within their spirit and have faith in their

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