To be listed on Motivational Speakers and, we are looking for dynamic speakers that are skilled and professional in their field. You must have a powerful and inspiring presentation that is polished and can be customized for a wide range of audiences.

If we determine that your services are a good fit for us and our clients, we will be happy to book you for speaking and training opportunities.

Our ability to represent a speaker depends primarily on the promotional materials that the speaker provides. Since our clients are a lot of money to have you as a keynote speaker or trainer, they will need to see a video of you in action. Also, it is a requirement that you have a professional digital press kit complete with the following items:

  • -Biography
  • -Demo Video of at least 3-5 minutes in length in front of a live audience.
  • -Any samples of books, products, etc. that you have authored
  • -Your fee schedule for a keynote, full day, half day, non-profit etc. Please
  •  note if this is a net fee or a gross fee. Define your fee and services.
  • -A few client testimonials
  • -Photograph in a JPEG format
  • -A professional “one-sheet” which includes a photo, short bio and your
  •  most popular topics.
  • -List of Topics/Presentations, along with a brief description or outline of
  •  each. List your most popular presentation first.
  • -List of Past Clients within the 12 months
  • -Clearly define the best group(s) for which we should attempt to book
  •  you, and the list of group(s) you prefer we do not.
  • -Send us copies of articles written about you and links to television
  •  interviews.


Remember that a motivational speaker and trainer must have the ability to present their knowledge of a topic and at the same time keep it interesting inspiring and energetic. A great speaker engages the audience and has them wanting more.

If this sounds like you, contact us!